Pardon Service


Pardon Service is a Mechelen based bunch of friends who share the objective of turning the world into a happier place, a party place, a dancefloor. After gathering around campfires in the early days the group found shelter in H30, Mechelen’s artistic youth workplace. First gigs were at private parties and local festivals (Ottertrotter, Parkpop).

Pardon Service’s music is a road trip from France to the Balkan, a cross-over of reggae, ska, afro-beat, gipsy jazz and chanson. Lyrics are in Dutch and French, occasionally switching to Spanish. In 2013 the band went on a short tour in the south of France. They found out their music lacks any kind of boundaries: they saw toddlers dancing between hipsters and grandfathers.

Back in Belgium Pardon Service continued playing at local clubs and festivals (Malines Rouge, Parkpop, Pata Boem, Ottertrotter, Vispop, Maatjesfeest). They headlined at Stoserock in Haacht and at MMfest’s anniversary edition in Berlaar. In Dilbeek they were support act for Starflam’s reunion concert at Oosthoek live. In February 2015 the band’s debut album “Chaud devant” was released at NONA, Mechelen’s number one artistic hotspot. In two sold-out shows, two amazing crowds saw Pardon Service doing what they think to be right: to declare the war against boredom, to answer major questions of life in Dutch and in French and to make people dance, dance, dance!

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