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Goran Bregovic is the most famous contemporary song- and soundtrack composer from the Balkan. There is not a single person who doubt about that.

With a host of successful albums and soundtracks to his name, he performs with the Weddings and Funeral Orchestra. Variously including brass band, bagpipes, a string ensemble, a tuxedo clad all-male chorus from Belgrade and traditional Bulgarian and Roma singers.

None of his concerts are quite the same, as he picks and chooses songs from his large repertoire according to the occasion. But all are delights of his ironic and surrealistic view of Balkan culture. GAS GAS!



Gambeat is the legendary bass player of Manu Chao Radio Bemba Soundsystem & La Ventura.

With his Dj-set he mixes moombathon, cumbia and worldbeat.

DJ Gambeat, accompanied by Mauro Slap on percussion, forms a perfect explosive fusion for a Fiesta all day and all night.



Belgian born Tim Arisu, is a dynamic DJ/Producer known for igniting the exuberant feeling of “Summer” in each track. His hit single entitled “Fires” released on CNR records in late 2016, made its way onto numerous official Spotify playlists including the famed Tomorrowland playlist. Racking up over 2.5 million streams, “Fires” went global and attracted much attention in the USA, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Benelux and Japan. Taking his career to new heights, Tim received tremendous support from huge artists like Lost Frequencies, The Chainsmokers, Regi, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Madison Mars and Armin van Buuren. Keeping the momentum going, Tim was a featured artist at the number one dance music festival in the world, Tomorrowland. Gracing the Sound of Tomorrow stage, Tim treated the audience with an electrifying set of pure euphoria, striking a lasting connection.

Kicking off his journey in electronic music in 2014, he performed live throughout Europe at events like Fusion in Germany, Boomtown Fair in the United Kingdom, Couleur Café in Belgium and Festival Mundial in the Netherlands. One year later, he released his debut single “My Style” on the iconic Dutch label, Flashover Recordings, followed by the single “Good Times” in 2016. Booming with successs, and satisfying the cravings of a growing fanbase, Tim collaborated with the legendary Sergio Mendes for the remake of the Brazilian classic song “Maghalena” in the summer, 2017.

Releasing a fresh track entitled “Bailar” in 2018, Tim brings the sizzling exotic vibe of the tropics to the masses. His versitality as an artist transcends boundaries as his signature style guides his musical quest. Tim Arisu’s determination and drive to produce 3 minute bundles of that precious “Summer feeling” keeps him in demand; as he works his way to claiming his spot among the biggest names in Electronic music. 



Pardon Service is a Mechelen based bunch of friends who share the objective of turning the world into a happier place, a party place, a dancefloor. After gathering around campfires in the early days the group found shelter in H30, Mechelen’s artistic youth workplace. First gigs were at private parties and local festivals (Ottertrotter, Parkpop).

Pardon Service’s music is a road trip from France to the Balkan, a cross-over of reggae, ska, afro-beat, gipsy jazz and chanson. Lyrics are in Dutch and French, occasionally switching to Spanish. In 2013 the band went on a short tour in the south of France. They found out their music lacks any kind of boundaries: they saw toddlers dancing between hipsters and grandfathers.

Back in Belgium Pardon Service continued playing at local clubs and festivals (Malines Rouge, Parkpop, Pata Boem, Ottertrotter, Vispop, Maatjesfeest). They headlined at Stoserock in Haacht and at MMfest’s anniversary edition in Berlaar. In Dilbeek they were support act for Starflam’s reunion concert at Oosthoek live. In February 2015 the band’s debut album “Chaud devant” was released at NONA,

Mechelen’s number one artistic hotspot. In two sold-out shows, two amazing crowds saw Pardon Service doing what they think to be right: to declare the war against boredom, to answer major questions of life in Dutch and in French and to make people dance, dance, dance!




Always bringing the sun … It is given to few, but for Krema Kawa it is a breeze. As former El Creme Glace Ques they already kindly delivered you sunnier moods.

Meanwhile the band arrived at a new chapter. Last winter they took Manu Chao – bassist and producer Gambeat by the hand. This meeting created a fresh sound and a new name. Everybody knows what Krema means, and Kawa? Well, that sounds like waka (Swahili for ‘ get up off your chair’), reminiscents of the lubricated passage of a Kawasaki, but is simply the Arabic word for coffee. And you also know that Arabica yields the best cup of happiness. Krema Kawa is fetching you a fiesta!



Wat krijg je wanneer je 7 muzikanten met verschillende muzikale achtergrond bij elkaar zet?Een “Pandoering” rond je oren!

Dit collectief met leden en ex-leden van Flat Earth Society, Yfa y Xango, Va Fan Fahre, The Rhythm Junks, Merdan taplak Orkestar, De Fikskes, BLAFFF, e.a. brengt een balkanjazz getint opzwepend brassgeluid voort, waardoor je je ongetwijfeld, fanfaristisch-gewijs laat meeslepen!



The Subtitles are a group of six friends who decided to conquer the world together. Without violence. With music: Subtitles-branded creations, ranging from reggae and ska to booty-shaking worldvibes, always played with unstoppable enthusiasm. After the first album in 2008, they steadily evolved into cheerfully insane, beamingly hebephrenic stage-animals. Their music heats the coldest cool, fires up young and old, and degenerates time after time into a smashing party, where you will want to dance ‘till dawn. We’ll give you an experience never to forget! 

The Subtitles 1 web.jpg


No introduction is needed. Dirk Swartenbroekx, begged for by some of the biggest names in the scene to twist their music into a stylish bossa-jacket. That’s Buscemi. Music with style, music with profoundness, music that is unstoppable if he feels like it. The wizzard of groove has released 4 EP’s, 3 full albums and two compilations for the famous Blue Note label. Buscemi’s groove is acknowledged by artists ranging from Kruder and Dorfmeister, DJ Morpheus, Giles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Rainer Truby and Calexico, to name but a few. His fame as remixer is spreading, and next to top Belgian acts like Lais and Hooverphonic, he also reworked tracks for foreign bands like Beach Boys, Suba, Madredeus and Calexico.Succesfull dj- and live-gigs took place in more than 30 countries. Talking about global!



Paris, France (2005 – present) It all started with a double bass player, a guitarist and a violinist; all highly talented musicians who are really into swing, Django addicts who enjoy tinkering with electro. Their project swayed a singer, a clarinettist, a trombonist who doubles up on percussion and a guitarist who also acts as DJ. With their “Zazou” look (inspired by Parisian paleo-punks from the 1940s), they serve up festive, frantic music, an improbable futuristic and melodious Charleston fit for the dance floor.



Six very enthusiastic musicians take you to the party-era where guitars, violin, accordion, double bass and drums conjure a smile on your face. The southern guitarsounds draw the sun in the sky. A blue sky filled with joy and a melodious violin. The double bass and drums give you that extra little boost to become in the mood and the sultry vocals, backed by accordion, make you fall completely in love. With their music, which they describe as “a spectacular party with a romantic undertone, where women melt for and men just can’t be jalouse at” they bring music that is loved by everyone.

One thing is for sure: Dynamo Zjosss is approaching endless glory at full speed. Winning the Rupelawards, playing @ Cameleon festival, Casablanca, Studay, Mano Mundo, Fiesta Mundial, TeKiel-A and many more.

So, join their party: Raise your glass and do a little dance!

Artists: Het talent
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